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About me

Why the name "Joyful Journey Photography"?

I chose this name in part because I see life itself as a joyful journey. Also, the name reflects the pleasure I find in traveling and seeing all the amazing things that can be found wherever I go in this beautiful world.

I have found that being a photographer helps me to SEE more when I travel.  Looking at the world with a photographer's eye makes me slow down and focus my awareness on things that many other people don't even notice as they casually scan the scene around them.  I think you will see what I mean as you browse through the images on this site.

How did I get started in photography?

In 2003, not long after moving to Colorado, I got a camera and became hooked on photography. I soaked up everything I could learn by working with mentors, reading books, joining photography groups, and entering photographic competitions. Before long, I was producing images that were winning awards and being purchased for display in homes and businesses.

How did I become a PPA Master Photographer?

In 2006 I began entering my images in photographic competitions sponsored by the Professional Photographers of Colorado (PPC) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). This was a wonderful learning experience, as the images are judged by a panel of experts based on 12 uniform criteria, and members get to listen to the judges discussing the strengths and weaknesses of particular images.

The first time I entered a PPC competition, the total combined score for my 4 entries was the highest of all who entered -- earning me the title of Colorado "Photographer of the Year" for 2006. I was a little shocked that this happened after only having a camera in my hand for 3 years -- and here I was competing against many more experienced photographers from around the state who made their living with photography.

I also started entering PPA's international competitions, and in 2008 I scored well enough on my entries to be named a PPA "Photographer of the Year". Then, in 2012, I earned PPA's much-sought-after Master of Photography Degree. Being awarded this degree was based in large part on the success of my images over a period of 6 years in PPA's international competitions, plus having several of those images published in books and in PPA's Professional Photographer magazine. (See the images posted in my "Award Winners" gallery on this site, and the details accompanying each image.)

Thank you for visiting!

I hope you will enjoy the images on this site as much as I enjoyed capturing them! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 719-217-4527 or by email using the "Contact" link below.

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